Office Icing is a whole lot different from traditional Icing. The challenges that exist are more complex and the penalties for failure are much more harsh. If you Ice someone in a college setting, it’s just another day in the life, but when an Icing occurs in a place of business, it’s a whole lot riskier. Not only will you be chastised by your co-workers, you could run into a whole lot of HR issues as well. ¬†Office Ice at your own risk.

Following are the Office Icing rules set forth for those who wish to play this risky game. The general gist of the game is this: an Office Ice occurs when someone is presented with an Ice in a work environment. The person who has been “iced” must then get down on one knee and chug the Ice.

Rule #1: The Icing must take place in a work setting. Lunch meetings can be considered a work setting as long as more than one co-worker is present. A work setting can be anything from a traditional office to a tennis court to a stage…….simply wherever you perform your “job”.

Rule #2: The Icing must occur during business hours.

Rule #3: If you refuse an Office Icing then you forfeit the ability to Ice anyone else and must be a sideline player from there on out.

Rule #4: The only way to get out of an Office Icing is to block the Ice. If you are Iced, you can pull out an Ice of your own and reverse the Ice on whomever tried to Ice you.

Rule #5: You must document the Icing with pictures or video.

Rule #6: Whoever has the most points, wins!

If you wish to set up an Office Icing league in your office, all you need is a scoreboard and the following point system to keep track of the Icings:

  • 10 Points for being Iced.
  • - 5 Points if you don’t finish the Ice

The rest of the points are awarded to people who initiate or enforce the Icings – If you Ice someone, you get 5 points + or – based on the following criteria:

  • 5 Points for Icing a co-worker.
  • - 1 for a lunchtime Icing
  • + 2 for AM Icing
  • + 1 for board-meeting Icing
  • + 2 for bathroom Icing
  • + 5 if you Ice your boss
  • - 1 if you Ice an Intern
  • + 10 for an “Executive Icing” meaning the Icing of a member of the executive team…..CEO, CFO etc….
  • + 25 if you Ice someone on their first day
  • + 30 if you Ice someone on an interview
  • + 50 if you Ice someone you don’t know at an office you don’t work at

Ice Heirarchy: A classic flavored Ice is the norm but if you bust out one of these unique flavors, you will be awarded bonus points:

  • Original – the standard for Icing
  • Pomegranate + 1
  • Raspberry Burst + 1
  • Watermelon + 1
  • Wild Grape + 1
  • Mango + 1
  • Black + 2
  • Triple Black + 3

Official Office Icing rules will be constantly updated – contact us for feedback or suggestions – let the games begin!

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