Office Icing is your source for the latest office icings from around the world. An Office Icing is simply an icing that occurs in an office environment. Whether it’s in a cube, at a board meeting or anywhere that can be considered an Office, then it’s a worthy environment for an icing. From now on, no one is safe at work from an Icing…….so be aware and Ice your co-workers before they Ice you!

For Official Rules please see the RULES page.  So get creative and Ice a co-worker today, just don’t get fired in the process.

We rely on our readers for content so if you have proof of an Office Icing, send it to officeicing@gmail.com to be featured.  Include any text or shoutouts you want included.

Step Off The Corporate Ladder And Take A Knee!

- Michael

CIO, Chief Icing Officer

Special thanks to Lauren for her super sweet graphics work: http://stracka.wordpress.com

On a final note, our Terms of Use is simple and as follows:

We at Office Icing are in no way affiliated with any brand or company and do not promote or encourage Icing behavior.  We simply provide a platform for people to share Office Icing experiences.  All info and media has been submitted by the users and proper permissions have been asked.  We shall not be held responsible for anything that may result from an Office Icing.  Office Ice at your own risk.

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