Icing Is Back? Imported Lukewarm Japanese Zima Icing!

Yup Icing is still alive…….Seana recently went to Japan and found the hard-to-find-and-much-maligned Zima is alive and well over there. She brought back one for a very specific target in our office. Richard has dealt a bunch icings and it was time we got revenge.

The Set Up: Richard frequently comes over to my desk and opens the drawers looking for gum, screen cleaner, concert tickets or whatever like he owns the place. I’m not too bothered by these impromptu search and seizures, but if he’s going to look through my drawers, he’s going to get iced.

The Payoff: It was 9:30 am and here he comes looking for something. He opens the drawer and there it is. I know its not technically a Smirnoff Ice, but it’s even better – an imported lukewarm Japanese Zima before he’s even had his morning coffee.

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Icing Is Back? Imported Lukewarm Japanese Zima Icing!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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